Cheap Classic Car Insurance Quote

Cheap Classic Car Insurance Quote

If you are someone who is really into classic cars then you will know that finding the perfect one for you takes an eternity. After that, you will have to repair and restore it to its former glory. Plus keeping it in running condition and looking completely clean also takes a few more thousand dollars. Now in order to make sure that this investment of yours is protected you will need car insurance. But getting cheap classic car insurance is quite the ordeal. In order to get it, you will have to understand the entire process of the car insurance for these types of cars.

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Old classic red car at the beach

Now the difference between this type of car insurance and the normal one is that these classic cars aren’t the ones which you are going to take out every day of the year. These are like little collector’s items which you buy for a hobby. You don’t drive these days as your primary source of transportation. You drive it as a secondary one, only when you want to play around a bit.

Now you may think, getting cheap classic car insurance is quite easy since these cars aren’t driven much. This is a complete misconception. These cars which are rarely driven are actually more expensive when it comes to insurance than any other normal car.

Cheap car insurance quote – the type of classic car

You have three different types of classic car insurance. There is the vintage, antique, and classic one. A vintage car would basically be just a few years old, like say the Ferrari 308 from 1981. The cars which fall under the classic category are a bit older. For example, we have the 1957 Chevy. The antique cars are actually around 25 years older. Here we have the Rolls Royce Phantom II as a good example.

How to get cheap classic car insurance quote for your classic car

Usually, the classic car insurance quotes offer a lot more than the normal insurances which you get. This is mainly because the car parts for these types of cars are extremely rare and extra expensive too. You will find special reduction rates as well for the inactivity of the car. These include the winter months. Now, these are privileges which the normal insurances don’t really provide for.
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Now you might want cheap classic car insurance quotes, but then keep in mind that price should be the secondary issue for getting insurance for these cars. You also need to keep in mind the quality of the insurance. Along with this, you should also look at the terms of the coverage too. Sometimes various insurances provide different limits on the prices of the parts, which isn’t very helpful.

If you are buying insurance for these cars then you should keep an eye out for the agreed price valuation part. Which is usually present in case your car is stolen or is wrecked completely. Usually, this clause gets a value which is a lot less than the actual car value. So make sure that you read this clause properly before agreeing to anything.

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